What is Soil Testing?

Every building project needs a solid foundation to succeed. You must assess the precise characteristics and technical requirements of the soil at your selected site to develop a base that will be sustainable. Soil testing is a process when a geological engineer comes to your location to collect and evaluate soil samples. Soil tests will show its properties, nature, and responsiveness.

Why soil testing is necessary in construction works?

Soil testing is an important part of building projects. The goal of testing the soil is to assess both the physical and technical qualities of the soil on the building site. This information is used to plan and build safe and secure bases, retaining walls, and slopes. Without genuine soil testing, it is impossible to forecast how the soil will react during construction and thereafter, which can lead to serious structural difficulties and even collapses.

Following are the various types of Soil Testing methods:

1. Particular Gravity

Comparing the specific gravity to the water's density is a test. The ability of your soil to sink or float.

2. Density at Dry Point

A density test will assess the firmness of your soil while it is dry.

3. Atterberg Boundaries

This series tests two key limitations: the plastic limits of fine-grained soils and the liquid limit, or the amount of liquid necessary to fill a vacuum.

4. Proctor's Compaction

Proctor's compaction is a lengthy procedure that involves determining the water content of the earth, reducing it to a certain volume, and evaluating a soil plug.

5. Test for Moisture Content

Numerous techniques are used to evaluate the moisture level of the soil, including oven-drying, calcium carbide, torsion balance, Pycnometer, sand bath, radiation, and alcohol procedures.

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